Name Tavern-grill "Tango Street"
Class Restaurant
Cuisine Grill House and authentic home cooking, ukranian ,european
Ideal place fore Banquets, Fun Parties, Business lunches, Friends, Corporate events, Late dinner, Romance Dates, Wedding Parties, Family Dinners and Tourists, Translation of football matches
For children Children's parties, hobby-class
Address Kharkov, Kotsarskaya str., 19
Subway Yuzhny vokzal, Centralniy rinok
(5 minutes from the underground)
Number of halls "Street" hall - 60 places
"Salon" hall - 20 places
Work hours From 11 am to 11 pm
Average cost of bills for the banquet From 200 UAH
Discount card Restaurant's discount card
Offer Grill, Business Lunch, Catering, Children Party, Take-Away Food, Wine, Banquets Banquet music, lounge music, chill-out, DJ
Dress code According to the concept of the holiday
Entrance Face control, admission free
Additional information Outdoor weddings. Decorating room under the concept of the holiday. Cooking in an enclosed wood-burning stove in the open kitchen, grill menu. lounge music (Latin America, blues, jazz, country). Performance by musicians of different styles and trends. Menu in English. Karaoke. Finnish sauna. Hookah. Board games. Evenings of tango on Saturdays. Take away(along). Wi-fi
Order tables and banquets at: +38 (057) 712-06-02, 712-53-71
Briefly about us...
"A workshop for Unique Ceremonies" - the tavern-grill "Street Tango" sells Bright Emotions! Unusual holiday in our script! For those who like to experiment! The entourage of the event, the atmosphere and the script we take upon oneself! Prices unchanged! Dishes from a wood-burning stove in the outdoor bar and grill area. Picnic at checkout. Parties. Jazz. Tango. Hookah. Karaoke. A small waterfall, a fountain, the cool of the air conditioner and greens - good alternative to a summer playground!


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